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Focusing on product research and development in the field of information security, we are committed to providing professional information security products, solutions, technical advisory services for government, military and other secret-related units, as well as other enterprises and institutions.

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C++Embedded Software Engineer

Release time:2017-06-22 | Number of recruits:2名

Job requirements:

1、Graduates of Computer Science Department;

2、Proficiency in at least one computer programming language (e.g. C, C++, Object Pascal, etc.);

3、Be familiar with at least one of the following programming tools:Dephi、Visual、C++6.0;

4、Familiar with SQL Server database programming;

5、Familiar with Tcp/IP protocol system and socket programming.

IT Support Intern

Release time:2017-06-22 | Number of recruits:2人


1、Preliminary research on customer needs;

2、Responsible for customer communication, demand analysis, product introduction, solution development, etc.

3、Provide pre-sale technical support to customers and assist marketing center in business documentation

4、Cooperate with other departments in customer communication and technical coordination.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, technical support experience in IT field is preferred.

2、Familiar with software functions and application examples;

3、Have strong planning ability and communication and coordination ability;

4、Excellent speech and documentation skills, good logical thinking, communication, expression and hands-on ability.

5、Love pre-sale work, have good team work ability, keen market awareness, service and innovation spirit, honesty, dedication, full of responsibility, strong learning ability.

Apply for-Apply Process

First of all, please note whether the above recruitment information is suitable for your position. Read the job requirements in detail and send us your resume and related works. We will arrange a special person to review your application email. Through screening the resume, we will enter the following process: interview / retest & gt; confirmation of entry time & gt; Registration & gt; trial & gt; entry.

Salary Requirements: Please specify in the email

Working hours: Monday to Friday,Morning 8:30-11:50,Afternoon13:30-18:00    tel:0592-2565156

Address: 7th Floor, Zone B, Innovation Building, Phase I Pearl Bay Software Park, Siming District, Xiamen

Interested parties should send resumes, works and recent photos to He agreed to meet.

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