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Focusing on product research and development in the field of information security, we are committed to providing professional information security products, solutions, technical advisory services for government, military and other secret-related units, as well as other enterprises and institutions.

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Release time:2017-06-16 | Number of recruits:2名















Release time:2017-06-16 | Number of recruits:3名










linux c + + 研究员

Release time:2017-06-16 | Number of recruits:2名

Job requirements:

1、Major in computer or information security, bachelor degree or above;

2、He is enthusiastic about technical research in the field.

3、Have certain research ability and problem analysis ability;

4、Have a certain understanding of the information security industry, with fast learning ability and good communication skills.

5、More than three years of practical development experience in c/c++ under linux, familiar with Linux kernel or network programming priorities.

C++ R & D Engineer

Release time:2017-06-16 | Number of recruits:2名

Job requirements:

1、Familiar with C/C++, Microsoft Visual Studio, MFC/Windows API, especially for low-level application development of Windows operating system is preferred.

2、Familiar with Tcp/IP protocol system and socket programming;

3、Having standard coding habits, can organize and write clear and standardized related documents;

4、Quick and clear thinking, innovative consciousness, with a relatively strong system analysis and design capabilities;

5、Good at communication and communication, be able to actively summarize and share their own development experience, work down-to-earth, good team awareness and sense of responsibility;

6、Bachelor degree or above, major in computer software;

7、More than three years practical experience in C++ program development.

Web Front-end Development Engineer

Release time:2017-06-16 | Number of recruits:2名


1. Responsible for the module code implementation of the system;

2. Responsible for system integration.

Job requirements:

1、More than 1 year related working experience;

2、Proficient in Javascript, CSS and other technologies, and using JavaScript / jQuery to achieve page interaction, has a certain jsp, java development foundation;

3、Familiar with the differences among the main browsers (IE6/7/8/9/10/11, Firefox, Chrome, Safari), can quickly locate and solve the browser compatibility problems encountered in development.

4、Familiar with the features of HTML5 + CSS3 and various browser platforms (PC, Mobile), can solve the compatibility problem well.

5、Optimistic and cheerful personality, strong ability to resist pressure, adapt to high-intensity work. Good communication skills, teamwork spirit, and a high sense of responsibility.

Technical Support Engineer

Release time:2017-06-16 | Number of recruits:3名


1、Accept after-sales technical support requests from customers on-line and by telephone, follow up the after-sales service work of the implemented projects;

2、Responsible for the after-sales documentation of the company's products, sorting out the technical problems solved, forming guidance documents for handling various problems, and putting the processing process of typical problems into the after-sales project management system, so as to share resources and improve technical support efficiency;

3、Cooperate with other departments in software development and implementation of related product implementation, testing, trial and other tasks, and complete the relevant documents;

4、Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.

Job requirements:

1、Bachelor degree or above in computer related specialty, with strong ability to express words, can write test documents, write summaries;

2、Half a year or more relevant after-sales service experience, safety products, network construction, storage architecture and other after-sales service experience is preferred. Excellent freshmen are also considered.

3、Provide technical support services to the software developed by the company.

4、Familiar with computer communication protocol;

5、Strong ability of organization, expression and communication; earnest and careful work.

Apply for-Apply Process

First of all, please note whether the above recruitment information is suitable for your position. Read the job requirements in detail and send us your resume and related works. We will arrange a special person to review your application email. Through screening the resume, we will enter the following process: interview / retest & gt; confirmation of entry time & gt; Registration & gt; trial & gt; entry.

Salary Requirements: Please specify in the email

Working hours: Monday to Friday,Morning 8:30-11:50,Afternoon13:30-18:00    tel:0592-2565156

Address: 7th Floor, Zone B, Innovation Building, Phase I Pearl Bay Software Park, Siming District, Xiamen

Interested parties should send resumes, works and recent photos to He agreed to meet.

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